Sparks flying at iaf – New ROBEL machines at work

Sparks flying at iaf - New ROBEL machines at work

- Virtual ROBELity: the digital work site acts as a magnet for visitors.

- A perfect 10 for the polished face: ROBEL displays hybrid grinding machines

- 360 degree service: ROBEL extends its service portfolio

Digital means that the work site comes to the railway engineer

The rail calls the maintenance company when irregularities occur. What may sound like science fiction

was experienced by visitors to the exhibition in Münster as a prototype in action: The 68.05i IMS

Intelligent Monitoring System monitors the fishplates round the clock and sends a message direct to

the mobile phone of the person responsible for the installation if there are movements of the fishplates

or the speed is exceeded. Patrolling is no longer necessary, corrections are made early and the line

remains open at all times.

A new way of access in the truest sense of the word opened to trade visitors with the MMS Mobile

Maintenance System: “Virtual ROBELity” makes it possible to visit a work site without the associated

logistic challenges, non-productive time and uncertain weather conditions. Using VR (virtual reality)

glasses, visitors to the iaf were able to follow maintenance tasks on a British MMS, such as replacement

of closure rails, ballast bed rehabilitation and reinstatement of the track geometry.

For ROBEL Managing Director Wolfgang R. Fally, this is the next logical step in strengthening the

company”s customer focus: “All of us have travelled to a work site in the dead of night which then was

postponed at short notice. Using the ROBEL VR glasses, the customer can see the work of interest

under real conditions in the comfort of his office. Currently, there is no site visit that”s more efficient.”

ROBEL is grinding smartly

Who says that precise grinding means heavy work? At the iaf, ROBEL presented grinding machine

prototypes which are only half the weight and can be operated with minimum effort and time due to

their design and new drive solutions.

The 13.49 HSK Hybrid Rail Head Profile Grinding Machine and the 13.63 HWS Hybrid Switch Grinding

Machine work with brushless electric motors which sit directly on the cup wheel and are driven by a

separate mobile Power Pack. Due to the compact design, the grinding machine itself weighs barely

50 kilograms. Furthermore, this solution eliminates wear parts such as toothed belts, gears and ball

bearings and provides a better view of the grinding spot. A newly developed cooling system passes air

downwards over the grindstone, with any sparks moving towards the ballast bed almost without any


The idea for the KERS drive technology comes from Formula 1 – the ROBEL Supercap stores

the excess energy from the idling grindstone and releases it during grinding for more power.

A smaller mass to be moved, less vibration, a precise grinding surface and one positive side

effect: the constant speed of the Supercap encourages the self-cleaning of the grindstone;

the normally high wear from clogging is noticeably reduced.

The 13.63 HWS is a switch grinding and reprofiling machine with the advantages of hybrid and

KERS technology. Two machines in one means less space and time is required. The changeover

from cup wheel to grinding disc takes less than five minutes. The third component of the ROBEL

grinding task force is the universal 13.45 SKS Rail Head Grinding Machine for rail heads and

switches. The appropriate guide system is fitted direct on site in next to no time; the operator

adjusts the continuously variable spindle feed as required for an optimum grinding result.

The tilt handles are also user-friendly and are available in a right-hand or left-hand version

according to personal preference.

ROBEL Centre of Competence for 360 degree service

In addition to the performance of a new product, a measure of its value is also its service

life and its consistent readiness for use. ROBEL is continuously extending its maintenance

offering with certifications based on the strict European standards to achieve international

service competence so that your investments remain reliably available.

The SNCF approval for the reconditioning and production of wheelsets for French auxiliary

vehicles which was recently obtained supplements existing approvals such as the

Manufacturer-related Product Qualification (HPQ) of DB, the RISAS-RAL UK quality seal

(United Kingdom) and the TransQ qualification for Scandinavia.

The centre of competence for wheelset and bogie reconditioning presented at iaf is the

new heart of the ROBEL 360 degree service concept. ROBEL accompanies its machines

over their whole life from maintenance, repair and re-certification to complete overhaul and

modification as well as training.

ROBEL – Great on Track.

For more than 100 years ROBEL has been producing technologically ambitious rail

engineering solutions. Located in Freilassing, Bavaria the company delivers custom-made

machines, systems and service for the construction and maintenance of rail infrastructure

facilities worldwide.

In addition to a broad range of hand-guided machines and equipment the ROBEL portfolio

covers multifunctional track vehicles as well as mobile maintenance and loading systems for

more safety and effectivity on track.

Extensive service features – from maintenance, inspection and retrofit over spare part

management to revisions and re-certification – accompany ROBEL machines for a lifetime.

ROBEL Bahnbaumaschinen
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Industriestr. 31
83395 Freilassing

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